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PROJECT 5- Amchi Traditional Healers of Kinnaur


The revival of alternate system of medicine and use of herbal plants is becoming more evident in the recent years not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. Even in the present scientific era, due to scarcity of modern medical facilities in the inaccessible areas of state, inhabitants of tribal areas rely on folk herbalists and faith healers for various ailments, besides having firm faith on folk deities for getting their benevolence.  No formal estimates are available of the economic benefits of the indigenous knowledge related to health care practices, but they are likely to be substantial. This project briefly highlights the Amchi system of medicine, with special reference to district Kinnaur. Pertaining to various issues ranging from value of folk therapeutic practices employed by the healers; this project acquaints with thee experience and perceptions of traditional healers, who have a deep knowledge of herbs and their medicinal uses. 

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