Knowledge Entrepreneurs
  • 26/06/2021 - To - 26/06/2021
    Innovative Ideas in Multidisciplinary Research
  • 05/06/2021 - To - 05/06/2021
    Environment Day Seminar
  • 29/05/2021 - To - 30/05/2021
    Storytelling Workshop-1
  • 11/05/2021 - To - 15/05/2021
    Brochure Workshop Kangra Miniature Painting-1
  • 25/04/2021 - To - 25/04/2021
    Seminar on Folk Culture
Ecological Diversity And Natural Resource Management

Continued existence of God’s creation depends upon the sustainable utilization of natural resources. The management of natural resources has remained the part and parcel of human societies from pre-historic times. Rural communities are recognized in the social system and management of resources is in their hands. The traditional wisdom of rural communities has played a vital role in the conservation of natural resources. Communities residing in Himalayan region have evolved the traditional techniques of managing resources suitable to the specific conditions. They have developed the time-tested knowledge and skills through experience and learning by doing. But, in the recent years, over-exploitation of natural resources is resulting in disturbed ecosystems. Kalp is working in the direction of resource conservation by utilizing the traditional knowledge-base developed by the communities over the years for ecological restoration. 

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