Knowledge Entrepreneurs
  • 26/06/2021 - To - 26/06/2021
    Innovative Ideas in Multidisciplinary Research
  • 05/06/2021 - To - 05/06/2021
    Environment Day Seminar
  • 29/05/2021 - To - 30/05/2021
    Storytelling Workshop-1
  • 11/05/2021 - To - 15/05/2021
    Brochure Workshop Kangra Miniature Painting-1
  • 25/04/2021 - To - 25/04/2021
    Seminar on Folk Culture
Vice-President’s Message
When a society or country passes through a period of uncertainty and degradation, there comes some redeeming figure to bring it back on the track. It may not always be through divine intervention because that would be the ultimate. Generally, succor comes from insightful individuals who act as the medium; a few good persons who want to do something creative and constructive for the society and through society for the country. 
At present our country is facing innumerable problems from rapid erosion of values to environmental/ecological degradation. Within these two ends one could place any number of unethical practices rampant in the society such as lust, greed, corruption, vulgarity, violence, and the like—the list can be endless.  It is for us, living in the present era to do something to preserve the future, the culture and the traditions so as to prevent total loss and obliteration. It is at such a juncture that Abraham Lincoln’s words come to mind, “Don’t ask what the country can do for you; ask what you can do for the country.”
Much hope is pinned on the youth who, with their fresh vision, unsullied by the ways of the world come forward to make things work; they do have the gusto, the zeal, the passion, but they need the guiding hand of experience. On this analogy, when some enthusiastic young men and women approached me with the proposal to institute an organization, I thought it unethical to procrastinate. My consent was almost spontaneous.  That was the beginning of a process resulting in KALP.
Kalp can be anything from a measure of immeasurable epoch to “Kalp-taru”, the wish fulfilling tree to “Kaya-Kalp”, the process of physical change. The idea is to bring change for the better in the society by working towards the enrichment of children and childhood experience. Reviving story-telling (which has been a strong cultural practice in Himachal Pradesh), enhancing creativity, integrating science and art, and bringing awareness about the ecological vulnerability are some of the basic premise on which we have started. 

This is just a baby step. The giant leap may follow with hard work, honesty and integrity of all its members.
I wish “Kalp” a roaring success.
May it be live for Kalps to come, may it be the “Kalp-taru” and augur real “Kaya-kalp” to our Pradesh.
All the best, always!

Dr. Usha Bande
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