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PROJECT 9- Women in Natural Resource Management: A Case Study of Lower Sutlej Basin
Role of women in the management of resources is not a parity issue but is a more effective traditional method of preserving the biodiversity. Women, from times of yore, have played significant roles in safeguarding ecosystem by making use of resources in a sustainable manner. Yet they are sidelined in decision making in the issues related to the management of natural resources with which they are more accustomed. 
With the aim of getting a clue of women’s participation in upholding of natural resources, i.e. water, forest and livestock, the study was conducted in purposively selected lower Sutlej basin. The project focuses on the role of women in preservation the flora and fauna and other resources in the region. It broadens people’s cognizance on the role of women in checking the depletion of resources. It helps to comprehend the range of environmental, socio-economic, and political issues linked with resource management.
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